Aylmer Vance: Ghost Seer Part I


It’s been some time in coming, but here’s the first map entry in my Dark Geographies project. I’m slowly learning how to use ArcGIS; in particular, I’m using the software’s Story Map function to create what are, granted, basic interactive maps of the Victorian/Edwardian occult detectives. Please excuse the inventive use of out-of-the-box symbols as I’m still learning about creating custom images more suitable to my subject. With more experience, the symbols will take on a more Victorian spirit, further meshing with their literary subject.

That being said, the following maps provide a visual landscape through which to connect with Alice and Claude Askew’s quirky literary creations, Aylmer Vance and his partner, Dexter.

I’m currently focused on finding an academic librarian position – 6+ years of literary and library science graduate work are done! – so, while I will return to this project, my efforts might be a bit off and on until I find employment and get settled in. In the meantime, enjoy!





First blog post

Greetings and welcome to Dark Geographies: Studies in Occult Detective Literature! On this site, you will find my research regarding, you guessed it, occult detective literature. It is being launched as part of a class project for my Digital Humanities course in the Information Science & Learning Technologies graduate program at the University of Missouri – Columbia. My initial posts will be focused on the textual and spatial analysis of a Victorian era occult detective story, “The Stranger.” Created by Alice and Claude Askew, “The Stranger” relates events as told by Aylmer Vance: Ghost Seer to his future partner, Dexter. Enjoy!